“Doctor Byng!
I want my money!”
You know, I think Dezzy is kind of in love with me. Not you. He wouldn’t be in love with your type. Dezzy likes me because I’m the professional type. He does little things all the time to find favour, like that…that cake he brought last Christmas, with the nativity scene in icing sugar on the top. He spent all night decorating it, and it melted in the sun by the pool. Remember? Joseph’s head fell off and stuck to the side of the cow. I almost wept laughing.

“Ever meet his cousin? She came around once when Dezzy was finishing up the guest rooms. Big fat thing. I think her name was Celebration. Can you imagine? What kind of parents would name a child ‘Celebration?’


“I have a few things to go over with you.”

Copyright 2000 Jared Mitchell