“I met him by accident, literally. He was looking at some jogger on the bicycle path down by the lake and nearly crashed into my bike. I had to swerve. I was ready to give him shit but he pulled out a business card and said immediately that he’d pay for any damage. I recognized his name from the industry. I knew how he’d gotten washed out of his first company by his venture capitalists.”

“Is he good at
what he does?"
“He’s brilliant.
Sometimes he's
difficult and high strung,
but he's brilliant."

“ Would you mind
if I spoke to you
candidly and
with the greatest
of respect
for Pearlie?”
“Go ahead, but
I expect you to be
in your comments.”

“I don't find him

“ Well...I have to
admit that I agree."
“ ...he's not like you.”

© 2004 Jared Mitchell

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