“I absolutely don't
dispute that Pearlie's
brilliant. But that
doesn't make him
equivalent to you.”

“Should you get him a
souvenir? A present?
Something ironic?”

“Pearlie likes bobble-head
dolls. He pretends to make
them tell our fortune by
shaking or nodding their heads.”

“It’s fair to say that
he's not really like
me. But Pearlie has an
incredible mind and
some of the greatest
integrity of any man
I've ever met. He stands
by his thinking.”
“Thirty dollars
for a Maple Leaf
bikini. That’s
a bit steep.”
“It would look
good on you.”

“Lyle,I think
you're flirting with
your auditor.”
“Yes, I guess I am.”

© 2004 Jared Mitchell

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