“Joyce, integrity is
very important to me.”
“What does integrity
mean to you?"
“It means striving all the
time, mixing up great ideas,
facilitating the kind of
creative energy needed to take
a commercial technology
to the next level.”

“Gee,that's great.”
“Don’t patronize me, Joyce.”"
“I’m sorry, I don't
mean to."

“But Pearlie and I
had a long talk in his
little cave dwelling.

“He thinks very highly
of you. He has complete
belief in the company
and your products…”

“He told me all that
that's just so noble
in business people:
trying to serve the
client, creating new
ways of serving
your customers,
stretching your
drivers, de dah
de dah de dah... ”

“But Lyle, Pearlie isn’t
going to get you there.
He should be a
department head. He
should be your chief
technology officer, not
your co-CEO. Chindit
Technology has a vital
missing link at its heart
and it's crippling you.”

“What missing link?"

© 2004 Jared Mitchell

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