“Okay, you want to
be the big, powerful
auditor. Save us,
Joyce. Save our
company. We’re in
trouble we need
money. Have your
firm overlook any indiscretion.”
“I don’t want to be ‘the big powerful auditor.’ What
a weird concept.

“The firm doesn’t care about
you two. You’re too small to
be concerned with. You don’t subscribe to our value-added services. You don’t let our executives participate in your management structuring. You don’t let us introduce you to
the banks. The partners don’t care about you Only I
care about you. ”

“You care
like shit."

Lyle couldn’t listen to them any longer.

He told the others he was returning to the motel.
He said: “I’m getting wet standing here.
I’ve been wet all day and I’m fed up with it.”

© 2004 Jared Mitchell

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