“Mind if I walk with you?”
“I don’t know what you
want with me. Lyle’s
your big lunch bucket.”

“We could all get along.
If we find suitable roles
for one another.”

“I know exactly
what my role is.”

“You really upset Lyle back there. He will put
up with a lot of my
shenanigans, but he
won't put up with yours.”

“You’re extremely fond
of Lyle, aren't you?”

“That is so none of your business. But yes, as a matter of fact, I am. And nothing I do, nothing he can do and most of all, nothing you can do can change it. When I found you in that motel room today, I thought I could hate Lyle. But how can I? He’s a big, charismatic goof.”

“Where did you meet him?”
“In Toronto. The same day we met we had a long talk about setting up Chindit.”

© 2004 Jared Mitchell

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