“I’m a woman.
What do you think?”
“Do you know what it’s like to be completely in love with someone who’s totally bad for you, who you know can never make you happy? And yet you still keep knocking your brains out over him?”

“That first day we talked and talked. Lyle really
understood how I saw technology and commerce.”

“And he brought that strength and determination
to the project that I didn't have. I thought that
Lyle was just the guy who could protect me from
another attack by those venture capitalists."

“I don’t expect you, Joyce, of all people, ever to understand
what went on between us. There was real love. Lyle might
not have loved me for my body. But we did love one another
for the work, and the camaraderie. We had a lot of good times
when we first started out. It really was beautiful.

“You just wouldn’t understand.”

© 2004 Jared Mitchell

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