No, Olaf, I'm not upset about any one thing. This whole
situation we're in
is getting me down. Things are going well
for me now, with the job, with my life. I just want to break free
of everything. And, well pumpkin, that includes you."

There’s nothing here
for me except that idiot
dog of yours, which by
the way smells and
craps uncontrollably everywhere.”

“We've had it so good
together. Why are you
taking this approach?”


“Look at this face. I took
him in off the street and he’s
repaid me with such love.”

“Good-bye, Olaf. I’ll get my things in a week or so.”

Don't let's part
like this, Audrey.

At least let's
part as friends."

“Oh, Olaf. Don't
be so comical.”

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