Pearlie wasn't amused. He barely said hello to Joyce.
It was bad enough that people in the industry, that
the media were always speculating on how Chindit Technology was doing. Chindit had never issued shares during the dot-com boom, precisely to keep prying eyes from the working of the company.

But now, with the banks demanding an outside
audit, this woman had arrived to poke and probe
at the documents that show exactly how Chindit
had gone into such steep decline.

Pearlie wanted Lyle to stay with him,
to keep him company, to help him
defend Chindit from this woman
who was about to poke through
all their secrets. Lyle's secrets
Pearlie's secrets.

“Pearlie can get you
everything you need.
We've carefully assembled
everythingt so that your
work here will be painless.”

And then Lyle
abandoned Pearlie.

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